Frequently asked questions

Q. Are there any investments required?
A. Investments are optional.

Q. Can it get saturated?
A. No never.

Q. Do I need a lot of Facebook friends?
A. Absolutely not, you can open a fresh account and start right away.

Q. Is this in any way against Facebooks ToS?
A. Absolutely not, this is legit and it works.

Q. What is the time needed to execute the method.
A. Set up takes less than 60 minutes.

Q. Can this be done absolutely anywhere in the world?
A. This method will work anywhere in the world. All you need is an internet connection.

Q. How much money can be made?
A. Sky is the limit! You will definetely scale it up and I’ll show you how.

Q. Will this work for a newbie?
A. This guide is very newbie friendly.

Q. I don’t have Paypal or Bitcoin will this still work for me?
A. Yes this will still work for any payment processor worldwide.

Q. Is this method whitehat?
A. The method is 100% whitehat and legal.

Q. Do I need bots, softwares, proxies?
A. No you don’t need.