500$ daily with Facebook formula

Earn 500$ daily on Facebook with this method

Did you know that Facebook is one of the most powerful avenues to reach people from all over the world and from any niche?

Did you know that there are over 2 billion monthly active users on Facebook, over 1 billion daily active users?

Did you know that over half of these users are on at any given time? The average person has 130 friends.

Finally, did you know that more than 10 million users become fans of something each day? All of these stats are not made up, they are taken directly from Facebook in their statistics section.

Do you see where I am going with this?

The potential to reach these active real people are right in your grasps. The best thing of all is that you can do most of what I am going to teach you from my experiences with little or no money at all.

My obsession with this method started about a year ago when a friend of mine asked me how I thought we could use the power of Facebook to drive traffic. We knew the numbers, we knew the potential, we knew people were obsessed with logging into their accounts to find new friends, new games to play, new pictures to view, status updates, sharing information, etc.

Dear Friend,

I know how do you feel, when you are desperate to make money, but no method works for you! I have been trying to make money with Facebook from last few months and have dedicated a lot of time and hardwork. Although, it took me more than a year to perfect my formula, but FINALLY IVE DONE IT!

Ive discovered the most powerful method of making money from a common Facebook account. Using this method **ANYONE** can make $500 Everyday from its Facebook account, really easy! I call it Facebook Formula!

To make sure, it works for everyone and everytime, I made 21 new Facebook accounts and tried this method on all of them and everytime the results were same i.e. insane cash directly to my PayPal account!

You dont need to have any technical experience to follow this method and you can implement it, immediately, after reading it! You can start making money really shortly by following my system.

It works on every niche, you can think! It includes but not limited to, make money niche, gaming, movies, applications, music, affiliate marketing, dating, health, hair loss, acne treatment, relationship, forex and many others…


Facebook Formula

Yes! $500 Everyday & It Happens On Complete Autopilot!

I consulted all of my top friends and heard the same advice that… chargeatleast $197 for this.

But, at this point, my BIGGEST goal is to create a LARGE community so I know that charging $197 (although it may make me more money), will not HELP me to build mass. So, I decided $147, then $97, even $67 and decided against all of it!

So, I decided to a SIMPLE one time payment of just $57 But wait….! 

I have a special LIMITED period offer for you…! 

For a really limited period, I have cut the price and Facebook Formula its now available, at unbelievable price i.e

$39 only! So that you can SAVE $18, right now! 

Let me make it simple for you! For earning $500 Everyday, you just need 10 people who pay you $50 each or you need only 20 people who pay you $25 each and its NOT difficult at all…!

In this method, you will find, how easy it is to get these few people, out of thousands of Facebook users, who will pay you constantly while you are sleeping. Means, you will earn on complete autopilot after you have established this system.

Trust me, you wont have to work for more than few minutes a day!

This is not like other lame methods which are just bullshit. If you really want to make money on the internet, then Facebook is the perfect place, because it has more than 500 million active users. In this method you learn how to get your share out of this huge userbase and make $500 Everyday even without a website and any product of yours.

WARNING! Facebook Gurus dont want you to know this secret method!

Believe or not, but its true! A lot of Facebook gurus are using Facebook Wealth Formula for making six figures a month! How? After buying Facebook Wealth Formula from me, now they learnt the real secret behind it. They have started charging around $1000, $2000 and even $5000 from the individuals to teach them the way to make money from Facebook and the reality is… PEOPLE PAY FOR IT!

When I decided to launch Facebook Formula publicly, I got numerous emails from those gurus and they REALLY tried to stop me from launching it, because when it will be available to a common man, then gurus will not be able to charge insane amounts and no one would like to get coaching from them. Facebook Formula is such an easy course that literally ANYONE with no experience of internet marketing can make money with Facebook by just following it

17,000 Unique Visitors per month from Facebook only!

I dont use any other source of traffic. I dont use article marketing, video marketing, PPC, SEO… NOTHING! I get my whole traffic only from Facebook. Just imagine, what can be done when you are getting 17K unique visitors to your website every month. If you dont have any website even then you can monetize this traffic for your blog and can earn thousands of $$ via Google Adsense.

Just think about promoting your CPA offers to these 17K visitors…?

Did I tell you that this traffic is continuous? Yes! I spend only few minutes a day on my Facebook account &get huge traffic to my website, blogs and CPA offers.

If you are getting 17,000 unique visitors to your website or blog then you earn in any way.

Yes! With Facebook Formula, you can make money via:

– ClickBank
– CPA Networks
– Private Affiliate Programs
– Own Merchant Account

Actually, I am complete newbie! Will it work for me?

Ofcourse! If you know how to open a website and how to use your keyboard, then YES! You can do it! This e-book contains a lot of pictures and screenshots which makes everything easy. If a 12 years old school kid can do it, then why cant you? In this e-book, I have shown how to establish your new Facebook account to make $500 Everyday really fast!

I have explained EVERYTHING regarding this method and nothing has left! But still, if you need any help, then my contact information is also available in the e-book. I reply to all of my customers as early as possible!

See, What Happened, When I taugh tthis method to my wife?

Actually, few days back, my wife was asking me to suggest her any method to make money with Facebook. So, after finishing Facebook Formula, I asked her to read Facebook Formula and try to apply it. My wifes technical experience is ZERO and shes NOT good in English too… LOL! She only knows starting the computer, checking her email account and shutting it down!

After 4 days, I was surprised when she told me that she had made $358.33 in 4 days with this method, as she was able to spend only 45 minutes a day, due to her busy schedule. She showed me her Facebook account where she added 879 new friends in these 4 days. Thereafter, I concluded that if my wife can follow this method, then anyone can follow it!

Facebook Formula is just 3 simple steps!

Few hours work to setup and then let people pay you $500 everyday on complete autopilot!

The Only Method Which Works

Month After Month… Even Gets Better!

Yes! Facebook Wealth Formula is the ONLY money making method, which works for month after month.

Not only this, it gets better with the passage of time…

As it gets better, it give me the chance to make even more than $500 everyday

Total sales volume of $48K in 3 months, means more than $500 Everyday at an average…

… and its on complete autopilot!

Believe or not but I dont work for more than few minutes a day to keep this system working!

The Day I Made $2150 Spending Only 3 Hours Using Facebook Formula!

This method is so powerful that if you put a little more time then the results are completely amazing! One day, I was on holiday so I decided to put some more time on this method.

$2K for only 3 hours work is more than enough, what do you say? Isnt it?

I spent only 3 hours and made $2150 EXTRA! Each email below contains $35 in it!

I tried Facebook Formula on ClickBank And…

I was making $500 a day easily with Facebook Formula earlier, but then I decided to use it on affiliate marketing. So, I made an account on ClickBank and started applying Facebook Wealth Formula on it!

I didnt have any idea, what I was doing…LOL!

Just within few days, I started making more than enough money, from Clickbank alone! This is not a hype!

It almost doubled my income! Sometimes, I was making even more than $500 a day just from ClickBank!

So, my total income became around $900-$1000 a day using Facebook Formula!!

Heres Why Is Facebook Formula is DIFFERENT From All The Rest

Heres the #1 difference…

I actually USE my system everyday all the time! I live by this system.

Ive been using it now for months and it only gets better!

So, this is NOT something I just threw to make a few bucks Ive been waiting for months for this. Only when I thought that the system is perfect – then I decided to release it!

This is the ONE system you can truly use in ANY niche, it wont be at any Google risk and it can start working for you really shortly!

Do you have 14 months & $18500 to develop your own system?

Yes, it took me over 14 months of mistakes to finally perfect Facebook Wealth Formula.

When I calculated few days ago, I estimated that (at MINUMUM) I spent over $18500 of my CASH on testing and learning.

Fortunately for you, MY troubles and investment has turned into a huge opportunity for YOU.

Like I said, I was lucky that I had 14 Months and $18500 to blow.

Not everyone does, do you…?

Just imagine about hiring someone to do research for you and finding a method which helps you to make $500 Everyday, and provide you in such an easy way that you can learn and follow it without any trouble.

How much you will pay to that person…?

You will NEVER worry
about Google shutting you down…!

I almost get sick to my stomach with all the Google Horror stories out there. They can literally RUIN lives and care less. Many affiliates have had $100,000+ a MONTH incomes just disappear over night because Google randomly decided to shut them down.

Now, listen the best news! Google has NOTHING to do with Facebook Formula!

Hear me when I say this BEWARE of any business model that relies in ANY way on Google, Yahoo or MSN. Youre literally putting your LIFE in the hands of companies that DONT CARE ABOUT YOU OR YOUR FAMILY.

I have worked non-stop to make sure that your businesses is 100 protected from Google!

Ofcourse! I Want to start, but
how much is this going to cost me?

You know it cost me over $18500 to develop Facebook Wealth Formula so yes, I COULD reasonably charge hundreds of dollars (and Im sure people would pay for it too)

I consulted all of my top friends and heard the same advice that… charge at least $197 for this.

But, at this point, my BIGGEST goal is to create a LARGE community so I know that charging $197 (although it may make me more money), will not HELP me to build mass. So, I decided $147, then $97, even $67 and decided against all of it!

So, I decided to a SIMPLE one time payment of just $57 But wait….! 

I have a special LIMITED period offer for you…! 

For a really limited period, I have cut the price and Facebook Formula its now available, at unbelievable price i.e

$39 only! So that you can SAVE $18, right now!